Hello everyone.

Well this is new territory for me this blogging caper. But I’m on a mission so I’m going to give it a shot.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Unsung Heroes of Australian History, or  Moira Tyers, Bruce Watson, Neil Robertson or Wendy Ealey if you’re interested or involved in live original music. You may well be reading this blog having clicked on the relevant button in the UHAH website.

See the thing is, we’re all musicians and writers. We all love music from all over the world and it’s fair to say we all love where we’re lucky enough to live – Australia, BUT… as musicians and human beens, we’ve all shared a frustration at the way Australian performers, songs and stories are considered as ‘lesser’ things of interest and quality – you may remember the ‘Meatloaf’ fiasco at the AFL Grand Final.

The whole country got to watch an ‘international’ artist sing his buns off completely out of tune for a modest sum of a few hundred thousand dollars, with the bonus of a t-shirt spewing phallus as the finale, when there was a truckload of fantastic anthemic songs written by local musicians, and a mass of talented performers that would fill a stadium to choose from who would have felt honoured to have opened the quintessentially Australian event with rousing and wonderfully performed music that would have lifted the hearts and spirits of that crowd and left us all feeling great – not a bit silly and ashamed. Ooh dear! Did I type that out loud? Back to the topic…

It’s all Moira’s fault really – this blog and the project that spawned it, but it wasn’t hard to get us all extremely enthused and involved with her original notion. Moira had this idea to write a series of songs about various characters, and being the clever musician she is, she managed to writer several with musical styles that vary considerably to resonate with their subject matter. She invited the rest of us to play with her and contribute ideas and songs we might have to add to the mix.

So out of that has come Unsung Heroes of Australian History – a growing collection of original songs about people who have played a part in this nation’s development in the years since European settlement.

It’s a show which involves the songs, narration and a display of images to illustrate the stories we tell in song. We’ve performed it hither and thither at festivals and small halls about the place and we always get  a hugely warm response and very fervent pleas to find a way to get it to kids to ignite their interest in their Australian heritage.

We’ve found a way to do it. ATOM (Australian Teachers of Media) are willing to take on production of  study guide material, and on New Year’s Day we’ll be launching a crowd funding campaign on the Pozible site to get the first set of primary level educational pdfs written and developed. Then we’ll look at secondary students and apps! Woohoo!

So stay tuned to find out how you might be rewarded for any support you could offer, and to follow progress. And if the idea appeals, please broadcast this with absolute abandon!