Well so far this morning I’ve tweaked the UHAH Pozible pitch to within and inch of it’s life prior to it’s launch tomorrow – Happy New Year world by the way.

I’ve set up a new Twitter account so now I have two to be amazingly intimidated by. I’ve been incredibly embarrased by inadvertently inviting one of my bosses to be ‘linked in’ with me – we barely know each other. Ooh dear he politely declined and I couldn’t even pretend it was a wicked computer virus. Cringe…

All this to try and raise funds for the learning resources my and my musical partners in crime want to develop. It’s all a bit late for me to creep up on an Octogenarian multi-millionaire and whisper ‘hey I’m your long lost love child, can I have some money please?’ and it really would have to be a pretty mature rich person based on my own galloping seniority. 

And fraud and thieving are out of the question. I lack the imagination for that. I truly do have enormous belief in the project by the way and roooolly roooolly want to see it go as far as possible because when people hear the music and the stories they really are moved and identify very strongly with the characters and get all inspired to suggest others we might like to pen a ditty about. An absolute minefield of inspiration – if that’s not mixing a metaphor too dreadfully. Not good at metaphors. Got a very crusty review once about my glaring lack of ability to do the metaphor thing… “Surely, an image or a pattern of imagery is available that will make the point without just talking about it.” Ho Hum.

I do have some mixed feelings about worthiness of music funding. I do know that a civilised society needs the ‘yarts’ to prosper and foster goodnessss instead of eeeeville, but I sometimes squirm about my own artistic goals when I know there are very fundamental things lacking in so many people’s lives – like fresh water, safety from physical attack, freedom of speech for instance.

But there’s the point that reminds me how important music is. Song can be such a subtle way of telling truths which may otherwise be stifled by extremist regimes or various religions. The beat and sway of a tune can carry a lyric past prejudice and resistance to nestle quietly in the subconscious of the accidental listener and gently shift their thinking. A rollicking song can speak for the oppressed while the oppressor blithely taps their foot and enjoys the music or the performance.

A lyric can tap into the very tucked away feelings of a listener and help clarify a thought, turn a light on or give relief because the listener feels understood. 

A child resistent to learning or struggling with an impediment can be absorbing facts by receiving them in catchy tunes and simple rhymes.

Groups of disparite individuals can suddenly be connected and uplifted by a beautiful song or an irresistible beat.

So that’d be why funding music is worthwhile then I guess…

I wonder how many of us will be slaughtering the much loved Auld Lang Syne at the witching hour.

Happy New Year. Stay safe.