After such a hullabaloo – how do you spell that by the way – and my previous and frankly a tad sulky post, the Pozible campaign kicked off a little over 24 hours ago and appears to be going gang busters!

As I was whinging and reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ (which probably never did exist, particularly according to a keynote by Tim Costello on November 28 last year – visit where you can soon see video footage of his address), the first kind and encouraging person was pledging their support to the Unsung Heroes of Australian History crowd funding campaign.

Since then there’s been quite a bit of heartening activity, much of which is from good souls we already know, but some of which has come from people none of us has encountered. You wouldn’t believe how reinforcing it is when an idea you think is pretty good is supported by other people.

I was frankly a teensy scraz dubious about Crowd Funding, although investigating the sorts of project that ask for support I had to concede that it seemed to be credible and worthwhile. What I hadn’t expected was the really genuine sense of community it engenders.

With each pledge that has come in, I have felt not only delighted, surprised and grateful but also connected to the people who have responded to our plea – even the anonymous ones who I wish I could find a way to thank directly. So once again, I’m sitting here tapping away at the great god PC – with my very affectionate, and all a bit silly seeing it’s 40°C, pooch Alfred the Great (that’s the sort of greatness that will fit on a lap with minimal discomfort, the sort that has it’s greatness on the inside – thru random acts of kindness such as unsolicited ear cleansing and devoted excess toast disposal and absolute devotion between said spare toast events), snoring on my lap and occasionally wriggling when it gets too ridiculously hot for both of us.

I have actually started sorting through the ridiculous collection of winter and summer t-shirts. Have done half of the packing for Tasmania, shopped for my working week breakfast and lunch fare, thanked mother nature that the one day of recreation I snuck in to the Christmas break down at Mt Martha was before the beach was closed due to the rogue sewer pipe, and all in all am well on my way to convincing myself I’ve had a darned good Christmas break – which I have really. Haven’t played enough music or read enough books and my finger calluses aren’t as sturdy as they might be before a festival, but in all…

Hope everyone else has had a nice break too. Back to it tomorrow for me. Almost looking forward to it, except I’ll miss my lap time with Alfred!