This bloggage bizzo would have to be one of the easier to do things in the dense undergrowth of cyber space. I’m having a most excruciating time fathoming twitter, have decided linked in is just toooo embrassing to deal with, am almost coping with facebook, but am not really sure where I am in that, so have ended up sending some quite personal (though happily not lude) messages to more public spots than intended. So many traps for a young player – especially a not at all young really young player.

Still the great god PC has delivered some wonderous things to me this week. Tweets a plenty, offers of help in managing my Tweets – which I will certainly take up when I come back from the two Tasmanian festivals I’ll be playing at over the next two weekends. Emails of support and encouragement for the Pozible fundraising campaign which is going gang busterishly well, although it has slowed down a bit. And ofcourse the amazing pledges of support on the UHAH.pozible site. Truly blown away by that I am.

My wonderful and extremely Twitter-savvy neighbour, who has been gamely attempting to drag me into Tweetland, recommended that I fix a little problem I’m having with my ‘WiFi’. That’s got a lot to do with being connected to the internet when you’re not sitting at home near your modem I gather.

So because I know that Suzanne is almost always right, (indeed I have no evidence to suggest she’s ever been wrong, but we’ve only known each other for about six years so she may have packed all her mistakes in the years prior to our being neighbours) I complied and spent some most vexing minutes – lots and lots of them but to say hours would be a bit of an exaggeration and unfair to the kindly tech support people who managed not to help me despite their sincere desire to do so – establishing that my ISP couldn’t help me so I was directed to the manufacturers of my modem – who couldn’t help me until I’d been back to my ISP because something we were about to attempt was going to wipe me off the email map (or something to that effect). So I retired hurt and no better off.

I gather the reason I was keen (genuinely so, if a little ignorantly) to sort out the WiFi isssssue, is so that I can access Twitter, this fine bloggy environment, my Pozible campaign page (, emails etc when I’m away from home, which I’m about to be a fair bit, on my portable telephonic device. I tried downloading Twitter to my mobile – one of those awful touch screen ones beginning coyly with the small letter ‘i’, but managed to fail at that too. ‘xpect that’s all to do with the bits I couldn’t fix up through my service provider. (all this while skipping about to the tune of  “there’s a hole in my bucket” imagine if you will…)

You should see the tangle I get into when I attempt to download ‘apps’! And I really want do download ‘apps’. There are terrific instrument tuners, chord libraries, bubble wrap simlution for popping in dull moments, there’s garage band which I’m rather keen to be dense at both on my computer and my mobile so that I can feel thick as a brick with fewer breaks. My mate Moy has her mobile well and trully sussed and she’s got one of those irritating touch screen ones and she’s going great guns with garage band which is fabulous for her because she’s a really prolific songwriter so now I expect her output to gaziliadruple.

Suzanne (aforementioned font of all knowledge) tells me I need to synchronise my phone with my computer regularly so it can learn how I type. Woh there! It took me WEEKS to learn to type, why should I make it easy for my phone to learn how I type?!?!?

So you see, I’m in quite a pickle with my non grasp of the technology which I apparently have at my fingertips – butter fingertips they must be). I fly off to Tasmania in the morning – still have to pack, note to self to remember to pack the guitar leads, charger for irritating portable telephonic device and the vitamin C – and may not be able to talk to myself on this lovely blog, or tweet or stare at walls or anything. What if I lose track of the Pozible tally! Oh no! I want to see it grow and I want to be able to write and thank people who pledge support. I want to witnes this ‘from little things big things grow’ phenomenon as it occurs. What if my tapping silence is perceived as disinterest?  Oooh dear me. Trust me I am sooooo not disinterested.

In case I go off air for a bit – or however my cyber isolation may be described… I’m not failing to react on purpose.

Really looking forward to Tassy though. Going to miss Alfred the Great of course. Staying with some wonderful friends down there on their permaculture property – loveliest people, playing music with my mates, seeing heaps of music, doing a bit of MCing (I am a chatterbox vocally as well as with my fingertips so MCing is just up my street and down my alley – that’s how much I love it).

If you happen to be in Tasmania over the next two weekends, pop into Cygnet and Tamar Valley Folk Festivals and have yourselves some magical fun.

Tap soon…