How amazing. I blithely yack on about ‘oh yes, there’s a blog attached to the website’ (I hope you can hear the smuggy bug mode cyber clever boots drawl that comes with that yack sound bite…).

Yesterday evening I participated in a very interesting and stimulating panel (well I was interested and stimulated but as per I must fess up, I did get to talk about me and the UHAH project heaps) to discuss crowd source funding. I was very excited because the panel included Rick Chen, one of the wonderful folk who have put together the Pozible site and he was as bright as a button, clear thinking, and definitely a force for good instead of eeeeeevil! But I did refer to this blog, and thinking that my last post – which I’ve just published finally moments ago – was written a couple of months ago and feeling pretty wriggly about that gap between posts, I was well embarassed to realise that my chatty little finger tips have been ‘silent’ since Australia Day as far as posts are concerned.

Trouble is you see, I don’t mind blogging at all. I quite like sounding off (in the keyboard tapping sense) about what’s happening in my world and opining my buns off, which probably explains why it has moved to the end of my busy-ness list. Do the ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds’ and the enjoyable things when you’ve earnt the time by finishing the ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds’.

Does anyone else have such a dreadful time with… time?  It’s not that there’s anything that I do that I absolutely loathe. Some of it’s a weensy tad dull, or clashes with what I’d love to have the freedom to do. I work for three days at a university and for myself and my various enthusiasms for two days of the week. I play my mandolin at lunchtime tucked away in an empty closed office on those three days and it gives me such pleasure, does so much for my progress as a mandolinist (late onset baby budding variety) and the satisfaction is so… clean and clear. In those three days when seven hours are officially allocated to the amorphous institution that employs me, and when I am forced by the rules to take an hour’s break, that period of plinkage in the empty office is sooooooo mine, and soooooooo clearly alright to use for play, because the industrious bits are obvious too.

The days I am ‘my own boss’ – which means I work for different clients in my capacity as a designer or admin person, do medical visits with my really very very very very mature parents, have proper practice sessions and organise UHAH things, work on the songwriting awards I coordinate and the Darebin Songwriters Guild organising – those days – which I love – do get a bit foggy and I have a fairly constant wrestle with myself about priorities and what to complete first.

There’s an up side to all of this of course. So much of what I do I really enjoy, so it’s hard to decide what to put on the top of the ‘shoulds’ ‘musts’ list because most of those are OK too. The only priority  than never slips far from the absolute top and is a ‘couldn’t manage without should-must’ is my walk with gifted hound Alfed the Great.

The soulful contemplation of the yummiest discarded chicken bone outside the noodle shop on the corner, the extrusion of the perfectly sculpted steaming barker’s egg, the skillful scooping of said dog emission into specially saved plastic bag, the wrenching of the shoulder joint as small, wondrous beast lunges at a must sniff bouquet…

Even on the saddest of days, I get a dose of bliss and there’s never any doubt that it belongs on the very top of my list of to dos.