Lately I’ve lost a bit of momentum with the loss of a dear friend nearly three weeks ago, hot on the heals (to me) of the death of one of my closest and most stalwart friends late last year. There’s that old adage about only the good dying young, and I really do shy away from mawkishly eulogising the dear departed, but just lately I’ve been at a bit of a loss to do anything else really.

It is a strange thing how dead people seem to morph instantly from average flawed person with fears, failings, galloping inertia, self interest and blind spots etc to ‘fantastic, gentle, brave, honest, do anything for anyone, gentle larrikin’.

Maybe I am a sad cynic because while I deride the possibility that all these close to angellic folk I read and hear about are as wonderful as their surviving loved ones say, the people I have recently lost really did fit the bill.

So after farewelling two important friends from my people scape in fairly quick succession I spent a bit of quiet punch drunk time. There’s not much to say that doesn’t sound like a platitude, but I can say I’m a bit over familiar with the heavy sad truth that wonderful people die, and it’s not real flash I reckon.

And then into my grey murky fugs comes good, positive things and gradually I move from viewing my life as worthless and wasted and let some of the sunnier things in…

Amazing! Fantastic! Exciting! Overwhelmingly grateful!

Yesterday the Usung Heroes of Australian History Posible campaign nudged its way over the line and so now we will be getting on with firstly fullfiling our promises of rewards to those who pledged their support, and then giving the writers and developers of the UHAH primary school learning resources the go ahead to start the production of the downloadable worksheets.

Things were quiet in ‘Pozible world’ this past couple of weeks with everyone dealing with the harsh reality of 2012 – that is getting back to work and being swept away with the instant business that involves. No more waking up at your leisure, dawdling through the paper, musing about how this year you’re going to do less and fit in more quality time… Yeah right.

Soon as Australia Day was over – and for us that meant a fantastic weekend of music at the Newstead Live Festival, thanks to Andrew Patterson who puts it together with his wonderful army of volunteers and the very welcoming town of Newstead – and thanks to our billet hosts, Neil’s cousin Don and his terrific wife Sue for looking after us so well too – goodness don’t I digress?!?!? – soon as Australia Day is over, the year sort of launches itself doesn’t it.