Well I have to face it. Truth is I’m a regular blogger… regular in the every five months or so sense of the word regular. And again it’s not because I don’t want to keep up the flow of rooooolly interesting news and commentary, it’s the time thing,

But I’m thinking the least I can do, seeing I set up this blog to report on Unsung Heroes largely and the crowd funding campaign and the reason we undertook the crowd funding campaign (stop for breath), is to recap some of the awfully big adventures we’ve had with the project and do a bit of an update about the Study Guides we have had written based on the Unsung Heroes of Australian History songs and stories.
So where to start…

The Study Guides
Well, the Secondary Guides are all but completed and will definitely be ‘up’ (that’s webby parlance for ‘uploaded’ which is webby parlance for popped in a cybery space place where they can be got at by peops). We just have to complete some captions on some images and tidy up the occasional typographical bothery bit and the four pdfs which cover the I think it’s fifteen songs so far, will be all set. And they really do look spectacularly proper and useful and informative and interesting for younglings to use. Indeed if you’re brimming with impatience you can have a gander at then in their current stage… http://www.metromagazine.com.au

We now have to peruse, in a very focused attention to detaily sort of way, the Primary Guides which are written but not yet designed and somehow amass the wherewithall to pay for their completion. So near and yet… But we’re excited and chuffed.

We’ve taken Unsung Heroes of Australian History (UHAH) live show on a few trips too.
After our busy January of festival appearances in Tasmania and lovely Newstead, and once Moy and I had re-established our places in our respective households for a bit, we drove up to Adelaide the last weekend in April – well 75% of the cast did.

Poor Neil blocked the progress of his laundry cupboard door which had disgengaged from it’s verrrrrrrry tightly sprung hinges and in so doing gave him a sound karate chop in the nose. He ended up on the couch at home in considerable pain looking frankly disreputable and quite the unsuccessful (or successful when I reflect – doesn’t seem to help the looks) prize fighter.

So the remaining three, with Jill our tech goddess slide show operator, made our way over to SA, taking turns to drive and practicing Neil’s parts with my baby Martin traveller guitar which we passed around, and Bruce’s mandolin, arriving in Adelaide fairly ‘match fit’ ready to pretend that we were still a quartet, but one of us had morphed into a rather sturdy music stand called ‘Neil’.

It was a wonderful weekend. We stayed with the kindest people – our hosts on the first and second night being the venue operators of the very marvelous and acoustically divine converted church the ‘Singing Gallery’ in McLarenvale – Dave and Kathy. The gig at the gallery wasn’t over populated, but it did go very well and the audience was responsive… although I may never get over one woman looking at the picture on my solo CD cover and trumpetting “well that must have been taken a looooooong time ago dear!!!” Herrumph!

Night two was at Guthries, the SA Folk Federation’s headquarter venue, formerly the Prospect Town Hall. Delightful place, and responsive audience, one of whom had seen us at Maldon the previous year playing the show in the Anglican Church where I sing at the Gospel concert every year, and bounded up a tad hot and bothered about an old photo of four people which is part of our artwork, wishing to know how we got the image and where from etc. Turned out we are distantly related and the picture was of a shared great grand person and other relatives. On the evening in Adelaide she presented me with a family tree which was an absolutely lovely thing to receive, not only for the amazing amount of work put into it and information my distant relative has gathered, but also because for a moment, I had a bit of a family history – one with a bloke who went for his missus with an axe – interrrresting or what!!! I am hanging onto the delight of having found some roots (in a nice way) because Bruce generally ends up being related to someone in our audience and has some blood tie or marital connection with the majority of characters we sing about it seems. So I felt very happy that evening indeed.

Our final show was for HATS Inc in Auburn. The old courthouse – I have a lot of time for old courthouses. The acoustics are to die for! This marvelous woman, Cheri, musters the locals and has a willing team of volunteers and lively audiences and she organises shows throughout the year at this wonderful venue. The show went wonderfully well, and don’t tell Neil this whatever you do, but the three of us were chuffed out of our skins when our ‘excellent standard of musicianship’ was remarked upon by some audience members. Little did they know that we’d been winging it all weekend without our stalwart fourth member.

So that was our ‘tour’ of SA. Then came a flit to Daylesford for the Words in Winters writers festival and again we were short of a chap, so we did another frantic swap the part learn the new bit and ‘wung it’ again with no injuries to any noses or anything this time. Verrrrrry enjoyable afternoon at the Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre only getting the teeensiest bit lost getting there…. and coming home.

Next really rather considerable adventure was our ‘tour’ of Canberra and Sydney…BUT…

It’s already after nine and I haven’t walked Alfred the Great. Two of my cats – Sniper and Abby presented with flu symptoms this morning,  I have two websites to work on, three of my own to update, a UHAH rehearsal this evening, a practice with Moy and our bass playing buddy extraordinaire Nick tomorrow arvo to work up some songs for our set at the G-Fest 2012 Music Festival FUND RAISER  for the DRUIDS CRICKET CLUB  next week (Sunday 18th November, W.H. ROBINSON RESERVE, Goodwin St, Preston – we’re on at 11.55am by the way – you could consider that a small plug…), and recording session all Sunday to add a couple of newer songs to the UHAH suite of ditties available on iTunes. So to blog or not to blog.

To walk dog or not walk dog (before hapless pooch’s heart breaks), to catch slightly skittish cats and try and get them to the vet, to actually get some work done today…

Better bugger off then. Stay tuned for the next installment of awfully big UHAH adventures – very likely in another five months, but you never know…