…since we broke out the Anzac biscuits and ‘stylish’ logo embossed t-shirts for a Melbourne performance of Unsung Heroes.
Gives me cause to pause (you can see I am a gifted lyricist by this spontaneous outpouring of dubious rhyme).

We’ve been all over the place since November 5, 2011. On trains (to Perth) and planes (to Tasmania and soon to MacKay for Wintermoon) – no boats yet, (although we did see a ferry or two when we played in Sydney), which rather wrecks a nifty bit of plagiarism which is on the tip of my typing fingers (breath a sigh Burt, your song is safe for now…). Where ever we play the show we get terrific reactions, usually standing ovations which sure to warm the cockles of the lesser spotted performer’s heart, and we have conversations time and again which go something like “Tell us when you’re playing it in Melbourne again. We rooooolly roooooolly want to see it – we’ll definitely come.” “We promise we’ll let you know”, we say.

The people we’ve met – goodness the people we’ve met… A chappy approached the stage in Canberra, tears streaming down his face recalling the similarity between his father’s war experience (and silence) and Moira’s dad’s. This man, a Vietnam vet himself, had carried the burden of his days of service alone and now he was going home to talk to his kids!  The woman who was a descendent of one of the women on the Lady Juliana (Bruce boasts having two ancestors on that boat – Bruce is related to most of Tasmania too it seems). So many stories and always such interesting people!

The coincidences… A woman raced up after a Maldon Festival show asking where a particular photo had come from and it turned out she and I shared the same great grandmother! The MC in Mt Beauty who was undone by our tale about a Queensland jockey in the ’40s – they were cousins for goodness sake!

The critique on Moira’s to die for Anzac biscuits… always positive – even when they melted into the one massive lump that first flight to Tassy. They really are the yummiest things – and virtually our staple diet on tour. The dustings of icing sugar people wear after the enjoying Bruce’s discerningly purchased Turkish Delights during interval.

And of course the show itself. Tales of daring do, hardship, success, courage, loss, triumph. Uplifting, funny, sad as can be, surprising – often quite surprising. A variety of styles and arrangements to suit the tales they tell and I just love each and every one of them and I feel so blessed to be a part of this project.

Tomorrow, I’m going to get up early, walk the dog and put him through the usual embarrassment of being tethered to a woman who repeats herself over and over either speaking or singing (I call it practice). By early afternoon I’ll be gathering my ‘UHAH’ bits, props, script, instruments etc. I’ll lay out my stylish logo embossed t-shirt, attempt to remove the pet hair (does anyone know a washing machine that is tougher than cat hair – or why I tend to wear black most of the time for that matter…), do a good warm up and wait for Moira, Bruce and Jill to come by and take me with them to the Albert Park Yacht Club for the first Melbourne performance of Unsung Heroes for nearly two and a half years. http://albertparkportlounge.com/

So to anyone reading this who rooooolly rooooolly wanted to see it when it is in Melbourne again… it is in Melbourne again, tomorrow. Do come along. You do need to book (BOOKINGS taxman@bigpond.net.au – booking email – nothing to do with the ATO. Don’t be scared! – or 03 96901233) so that the venue can work out the catering, but don’t miss it.

See yerz.